Specialty Sectors

Lawyers and Notaries

Provision of AML services and solutions to Greek Lawyers and Notaries in order to become compliant with their AML obligations, emanating from the provision of their services and especially from their involvement in the financial, business and immovable property transactions of their clients.

Casino/Gaming companies/Online betting platforms

Casinos and gaming companies are required to adopt adequate due diligence and KYC measures as part of their AML obligation. Our services include, amongst others, the development and establishment of the relevant procedures manual and client acceptance policies.

Financial Institutions

In addition to the provision of the full range of AML compliance consulting services to all types of financial institutions, we also prepare and deliver seminars in relation to AML Laws and Regulations as well as specialized training to different levels of staff members, to be compliant with their AML obligations based on the nature, scope and complexity of their activities.

Insurance Companies

Provision of AML Compliance services especially related to the development of the client acceptance policies and procedures and the ongoing monitoring of customer’s accounts and transactions.

Sports organizations

Provision of services in relation to the detection, prevention and combating of the phenomenon of Money Laundering through sports and sports organizations including the validation of the source of funds of sponsors and owners.

Shipping companies

Development and implementation of customers’, suppliers’ and affiliates’ acceptance policies and procedures, based on the requirements of oil companies and other counterparties


Investment Firms

Provision of full range AML compliance services in order to ensure the fulfillment of their obligations as they derive from the national Law and the Directives issued by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission. The services, amongst other, include the drafting and review of the Internal Anti – Money Laundering Manual, the Internal AML Audit function and the development and establishment of the client on-boarding and ongoing monitoring procedures.

Trading Businesses

Development and establishment of the Customer Due Diligence and Know Your Client policies and procedures for businesses trading high value goods, such as car dealers, jewelry businesses and art galleries.

High Net Worth Individuals

Undertaking the procedure of performing enhanced due diligence on Third-Country citizens applying for the acquisition of permanent residency permit by investment (Golden Visa programme) and on other relevant individuals (family members or known associates), in order to verify their identity, background, financial history, and sources of wealth and assess the relevant risk.